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PT TechnoGIS Indonesia Successfully Hosts Expo at ATxEnterprise InnovFest x Elevating Founders in Singapore

PT TechnoGIS Indonesia Successfully Hosts Expo at ATxEnterprise InnovFest x Elevating Founders in Singapore – PT TechnoGIS Indonesia proudly announces its successful participation in the prestigious AT x Enterprise InnovFest x Elevating Founders expo, held in Singapore from May 29 to 31, 2024. The event took place at 1 Expo Drive, Singapore, and attracted the attention of professionals and technology industry players from various countries.

Booth Highlights

At booth B23, PT TechnoGIS showcased a range of their latest innovations and premium services designed to enhance work efficiency across various sectors. Expo visitors had the opportunity to gain exclusive insights into TechnoGIS products, demonstrated directly by the company’s expert team.

Visitor Engagement

Throughout the three-day expo, PT TechnoGIS’s booth was consistently bustling with activity. Visitors expressed great enthusiasm for the advanced technologies on display, including devices and applications utilizing Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to maximize work productivity. The PT TechnoGIS team also provided interactive presentations and product demonstrations, offering in-depth explanations of the benefits and uses of their products.

Product Launch

A highlight of PT TechnoGIS’s participation in this event was the launch of their latest product, designed to improve operational efficiency and data management across various industries. This new product received a warm welcome and much appreciation from expo attendees, including industry leaders and investors present at the event.

Event Significance

InnovFest x Elevating Founders serves as a premier platform bringing together innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors to share ideas, collaborate, and network. PT TechnoGIS is honored to be part of this significant event and is committed to continuing to innovate to provide the best solutions for its customers.

Networking and Collaboration

PT TechnoGIS’s participation in this expo also opened up new opportunities for business collaborations and expanding international networks. Many visitors expressed interest in partnering with PT TechnoGIS, recognizing the great potential of the technology and innovations offered.

Closing and Contact Information

For more information about PT TechnoGIS products and services, visitors can access the official website at www.technogis.co.id or contact their team via email at [email protected].

PT TechnoGIS extends its gratitude to all parties who participated and supported the success of this event. See you at the next event!


Indonesia Catalogue Expo and Forum 2024: Connecting Innovation and Business Opportunities at JIEXPO Kemayoran

Indonesia Catalogue Expo and Forum 2024: Connecting Innovation and Business Opportunities at JIEXPO Kemayoran – From May 29 to May 31, 2024, JIEXPO Kemayoran Jakarta became the focal point for industry players from various sectors with the hosting of the Indonesia Catalogue Expo and Forum 2024. This event served as a strategic platform for companies to market their latest products, services, and innovations, as well as to establish valuable business connections.

Event Highlights

The Indonesia Catalogue Expo and Forum 2024 gathered leading companies from both domestic and international markets, showcasing a wide range of cutting-edge products and technologies. The expo was complemented by discussion forums featuring industry experts, academics, and government representatives, who shared insights on the latest trends and developments in the world of business and technology.

PT Technogis Indonesia at Booth 14A

One of the standout participants was PT TechnoGIS Indonesia, occupying booth number 14A. Known as a key player in the field of technology and infrastructure solutions, PT TechnoGIS Indonesia took advantage of this opportunity to showcase their top products and services.

Latest Innovations and Technologies

At booth 14A, visitors could explore various latest innovations from PT TechnoGIS Indonesia. The company displayed state-of-the-art technology solutions designed to enhance the efficiency and quality of infrastructure in Indonesia. The showcased products included intelligent traffic management systems, solutions for sustainable infrastructure development, and information technology that supports effective project management.

Discussions and Networking

In addition to showcasing products, PT TechnoGIS Indonesia actively participated in various discussion sessions and networking events during the expo. Company representatives were ready to engage with visitors, providing detailed explanations about their products and services, and discussing potential business collaborations. This was a golden opportunity for other companies and visitors to gain a deeper understanding of PT TechnoGIS Indonesia’s capabilities and strengths.

Discussion Forums

The discussion forums held during the expo covered a range of important topics such as industrial digitalization, sustainable infrastructure development, and business strategies in the technological era. PT TechnoGIS Indonesia also participated in several discussion sessions, sharing their experiences and insights on implementing advanced technology in various infrastructure projects.


The Indonesia Catalogue Expo and Forum 2024 at JIEXPO Kemayoran was not only an exhibition of technology and innovation but also a meeting point for professionals and entrepreneurs to share ideas and establish strategic collaborations. PT TechnoGIS Indonesia’s participation in this event reaffirmed their commitment to continuous innovation and support for better infrastructure development in Indonesia. Don’t miss the chance to visit booth 14A and explore the advanced solutions offered by PT TechnoGIS Indonesia.