Low Cost GNSS Geodetic


Centi meters level RTK GNSS reciever for land surveying and mapping, agriculture, mining & energy, smart city and navigation.

High Performance

Centi meters level accuracy with less than 5 second to fixed.

40 Working Hours

Industrial Lifepo4 battery for working along day without worries.

IoT Ready

Stream data to TGIS dashboard realtime using cloud technology.


Technical Spesification

Receiver type: Multi Frequency GNSS with 184 Channel, GPS L1C/A L2C, GLO L1OF L2OF, GAL E1B/C E5b, BDS B1I B2I, QZSS L1C/A L2C
Nav. update rate: RTK up to 20 Hz1
Position accuracy: RTK 0.01 m + 1 ppm
Convergence time: RTK <10 sec, SPARTN Convergence time – <45sec, Aided starts 2s, Reacquisition 2s
Sensitivity: Tracking & Nav –167, Cold starts –148 dBm, Hot starts –157 dBm, Reacquisition –160 dBm
Mode : Static, RTK Radio, RTK NTRIP, Navigation DGPS

Lest talk about features

Keys & Main Feature

Low Cost RTK GNSS solution for mapping and surveying. TGS EQ1 RTK  GNSS have compatitive price with high performance for multipurpose industrials.

IoT Ready, realtime data stream to mapping dashboard so you can do mapping and surveying with team more efficiency. Data tranfer with mobile 4G/5G connectivity  from controller easy to used using GIS Survey Mobile Apps.

Collect data with high accuracy

GIS Survey Mobile

Application to make it easier for surveyors to perform more efficient topography measurements and mapping. GIS Survey Mobile is intended for retrieving Geodetic GNSS Coordinate data from the TGS EQ1 GNSS RTK, but if you don’t have an it, you can also use it from the Smartphone Internal GPS.

Aerial Mapping with High Efficiency

NiVO VTOL Long Range RTK

VTOL (Vertical Take Off Landing) Drones with PPK System for mapping in all fields, easy to operate, have a cruising range of 70-100 km, equivalent to 300-500 ha one flight. cruise speed 50-70 km/hour.

Explore under the sea with precision

Blue Marine Echosounder

Mapping under the sea will easier and more efficiency with high accuracy GNSS with singel/multi beam echosounder. Blue Marine Echotrax HD is high accuracy mapping for batimetry and under water surveying.