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TechnoGIS brings experts and other staff in working in seven programs: geospatial, robotic, forests, water, energy, cities, climate and the ocean and four centers of excellence for business, economics, finance and equity. Our staff and researchers work globally to produce data-based solutions that generate real change on the ground.


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Before applying for a job in TechnoGIS, it is crucial to do your research. First, gather information about the our company’s products, services, and industry. Understanding the company’s mission, culture, and values will help you tailor your application to align better with their specific needs.

Additionally, research the company’s recent projects, successes, and challenges to demonstrate your knowledge during the application process. By doing extensive research, you can showcase your enthusiasm for the company and position yourself as a well-informed candidate.

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Geospatial and Technology Expert

Tailor your resume to highlight relevant technical skills, certifications, and softskill. Be specific about your accomplishments in previous roles and projects and demonstrate to our expertise