Leadership is important

Our Team Leaders are the best in their fields

TechnoGIS Indonesia have cultural work with very high dedication. Our team has expert in Geospatial, IoT, Programming, Management, also research to bring solution about environment problem with geographic information system.


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Our Vision

Growing up with Geo-Intelligence

Industry 4.0 not only digitalisation, we  believe it’s about how we improve our bussines and technology. TechnoGIS is startup that going to be largest geospatial company in indonesia and in the world with geo spatial intellegence.

With Mission

Credibility, Innovative, Fighting Spirit

We are growing up with geo-intelligence its mean we need to be stronger, smarter, more and more so we can reach our goal. With CIF we run togeter to solved many about environment problem, society with art, technology and science with geography approach.



Founder / CEO

Dedication in Geospatial Technology is everyting, founder TechnoGIS who start from zero with hearth. expertist from Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia

Anton Prasetyo

Anton Prasetyo

Co-Founder / CTO

IoT Expert from Politeknik Negeri Jember, Indonesia. Join to collaboration in Geopatial technology to bring solution about environment issue.

Erna Kurniati

Erna Kurniati

Data Analyst Consultant

Cartography and Remote Sensing Spesialist in Indonesia, Many research and project about geospasial analysis with focusing on imagery and publising map with art and science

Hamim Zaky

Hamim Zaky

Academic Consultant

Lecture in Geography Faculty, Muhammadiyah Surakarta University. Many reasearch and publication about GIS and Remote Sensing with passion collaboration with TechnoGIS

Muji Rahayu

Muji Rahayu

Business Consultant

With spesialisation in managing finance and business startegy, she will manage all strategic partnersip and business plan TechnoGIS to growing up faster

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