Korea – Indonesia 2024 Land Infrastructure and Transportation Industry Business Matching: Opening Opportunities for Strategic Collaboration

Korea – Indonesia 2024 Land Infrastructure and Transportation Industry Business Matching: Opening Opportunities for Strategic Collaboration – On May 28, 2024, the JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta witnessed an important event that brought together stakeholders in the land infrastructure and transportation industry from Korea and Indonesia. The event, titled “Korea – Indonesia 2024 Land Infrastructure and Transportation Industry Business Matching,” was designed to strengthen bilateral relations and create strategic business cooperation opportunities between the two countries.

Strategic Meeting

One of the key moments of this event was the meeting between PT Technogis Indonesia and two renowned Korean companies, Movements Inc. and Allforland Co., Ltd. This meeting served not only as a business networking opportunity but also as a platform to discuss concrete and sustainable collaboration plans.

PT TechnoGIS Indonesia

PT TechnoGIS Indonesia is a leading company in technology and infrastructure solutions in Indonesia. With extensive experience and capabilities, PT TechnoGIS is committed to supporting the development of modern and sustainable infrastructure in Indonesia. In this meeting, PT TechnoGIS introduced various ongoing and upcoming projects and initiatives, showcasing their readiness to collaborate with international partners.

Movements Inc.

Movements Inc. is a Korean company specializing in transportation and traffic management systems. With advanced technology and the latest innovations, Movements Inc. offers solutions that can enhance the efficiency and safety of transportation in urban and other areas. The discussion with PT TechnoGIS Indonesia focused on how Movements Inc.’s technology could be integrated into transportation projects in Indonesia to improve the quality and efficiency of the local transportation system.

Allforland Co., Ltd.

Allforland Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in land development and infrastructure. The company has a portfolio of projects that include residential development, industrial areas, and other public infrastructure. In this meeting, Allforland Co., Ltd. discussed potential collaborations with PT TechnoGIS Indonesia in developing infrastructure projects in Indonesia, including the construction of integrated areas that can support local economic growth.

Discussions and Collaboration Plans

During the meeting sessions, the three companies discussed various important topics, including innovative technologies, project implementation strategies, and business models that could be used to support this cooperation. PT TechnoGIS Indonesia proposed several potential projects that require the expertise and technology of the two Korean companies.

These discussions resulted in several action plans and initial commitments to conduct joint feasibility studies and the formation of a working team tasked with formulating concrete steps to realize this collaboration. All parties agreed that this cooperation would not only bring economic benefits but also contribute to better and more sustainable infrastructure development in Indonesia.


The Korea – Indonesia 2024 Land Infrastructure and Transportation Industry Business Matching event marked an important milestone in the cooperative relationship between Indonesia and Korea. Through meetings like this, it is hoped that more joint initiatives and projects can be realized, bringing long-term benefits to both countries. PT TechnoGIS Indonesia, Movements Inc., and Allforland Co., Ltd. have shown a strong commitment to working together and creating innovative and effective infrastructure and transportation solutions for a better future.


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