TechnoGIS Indonesia at The 8th Drone World Congress 2024 in Shezhen, China

Shezhen, China, May 26, 2024. In 2024, The 8th Drone World Congress in Shenzhen, China, from 24 to 26 May 2024. This event publishes, distributes, and circulates pamphlets, newsletters, periodicals, and other literature on drones in furtherance of the objectives and activities of the federation, and is a platform bridge for the industry members and government within the drone policy and professional consultant guidelines. It holds exhibitions, conferences, symposiums, seminars, and forums, and conducts training courses to benefit members with vested interests in the drone industry.

Drone World Congress highlights various aspects of the drone industry, including the latest (drone) technology innovations, practical applications in multiple sectors such as survey mapping, and security, and discussions related to regulations and policies related to the use of drones. The congress also features a technology exhibition, presentations by industry experts, and networking opportunities for exhibitors to share knowledge and experiences around the world of drones.



At the prestigious 8th Drone World Congress 2024 in Shenzhen, China, we also had the opportunity to be a speaker represented by the CEO of PT Techno GIS Indonesia, Mr. Ir. Sarono, M.Eng, who presented a presentation with the theme “Potential of Drone Technology in the Indonesian Geospatial Industry”. The Indonesian geospatial industry has many opportunities to maximize the potential of drones with the ability to collect accurate and detailed data quickly and efficiently, drones have opened the door to various applications in mapping, environmental monitoring, surveying, and many more. Although the potential of drones in the Indonesian geospatial industry is enormous, several challenges still need to be overcome. One of them is the regulation related to the use of drones, including flight permits and data privacy. In addition, the availability of skilled workers in operating and analyzing drone data is also an important factor.

TechnoGIS Indonesia’s participation in The 8th Drone World Congress 2024 proves the company’s commitment to continue innovating and contributing to developing the geospatial industry in Indonesia. TechnoGIS Indonesia is committed to providing the best geospatial solutions for its customers, and drone technology is one of the company’s main focuses.


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