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Strategic Meeting between DJI and PT TechnoGIS Indonesia at PT Halo Indah Permai: Formulating Steps to Strengthen Sales in the Indonesian Market

Strategic Meeting between DJI and PT TechnoGIS Indonesia at PT Halo Indah Permai: Formulating Steps to Strengthen Sales in the Indonesian Market –

On May 31, 2024, an important meeting took place at the PT Halo Indah Permai office, involving two major players in the technology industry: DJI and PT TechnoGIS Indonesia. The discussion focused on marketing strategies and sales development of DJI products in Indonesia, with particular attention to the role of PT TechnoGIS Indonesia as the official reseller.

Background of the Collaboration

DJI, a global company renowned for its innovative drone and camera technologies, has appointed PT TechnoGIS Indonesia as its official reseller in Indonesia. As a strategic partner, PT TechnoGIS Indonesia is responsible for marketing and selling DJI products to local consumers, as well as providing quality after-sales service.

Meeting Agenda

The meeting was attended by executives from DJI, the management team of PT TechnoGIS Indonesia, and representatives from PT Halo Indah Permai. The main agenda items discussed included:

Marketing Strategy: In-depth discussion on effective marketing strategies to increase brand awareness of DJI in Indonesia. This included promotional campaigns, participation in technology exhibitions, and targeted digital marketing strategies for the Indonesian market.

Sales Development: Evaluation of the sales performance of DJI products over the past few months. PT TechnoGIS Indonesia presented sales data, market trends, and consumer feedback that could be used to improve future sales strategies.

Support and Training: Plans to provide further training to the PT TechnoGIS Indonesia sales team, ensuring they have a deep understanding of DJI products and can offer the best service to customers.

Product Innovation: Discussion about new DJI products soon to be launched and effective launch strategies in the Indonesian market. This included product demos and discussions on key features that would appeal to Indonesian consumers.

Meeting Outcomes

The meeting resulted in several important agreements between DJI and PT TechnoGIS Indonesia. Key points included:

Strengthening Promotional Campaigns: DJI and PT TechnoGIS Indonesia agreed to launch more aggressive and focused promotional campaigns, including using local influencers and social media to reach a wider audience.

Enhancing Customer Service: PT TechnoGIS Indonesia will enhance after-sales service by adding more service centers and providing intensive training for their technical team.

Event Collaboration: The two companies will collaborate on various technology events and exhibitions in Indonesia to introduce the latest DJI products and build direct relationships with consumers.

Feedback and Product Development: DJI will use feedback from PT TechnoGIS Indonesia and its customers to develop products that better meet local market needs.


The strategic meeting between DJI and PT TechnoGIS Indonesia at PT Halo Indah Permai on May 31, 2024, marks a significant step in strengthening the collaboration between the two companies. With updated marketing strategies and a focus on increasing sales, it is expected that DJI products will become more recognized and sought after in the Indonesian market. PT TechnoGIS Indonesia, as the official reseller, is ready to undertake this task and elevate DJI products to new heights in Indonesia.


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